Project Closeout

  • Project drawings
  • Submittals, field notes, photos & video
  • Operations & maintenance manuals
  • Project team contact information

Learn More About Project Closeout

    Having trouble quickly locating documents to maintain and manage your facility? BPI Color Project Closeout solutions can save you time and money by providing the information in a quick and easy Graphical User Interface (GUI). The interactive maps and buildings will minimize retrieval time by presenting the data in a format that makes sense to you and allows you to search by keywords.

    BPI Color’s Project Closeout solution organizes all final construction documents in a single electronic catalog. Whether for maintenance, future improvements or litigation support, owners appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to search and refer to project information in digital form. If a print is needed, you can produce full size drawings on your printer or at one of our production facilities.

    Customized for your project, including content, naming and more, your closeout is delivered as a PDF which is easy to search and navigate. Documents and drawings can be browsed by topic or searched for specific information.


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