Hi-Visibility Clothing Line from BPI

Choices, choices, choices at BPI Color's Hi-Vis stores.

BPI Color has been offering Hi-Vis clothing options to our customers for nearly 2 years now and it has been well received.

Many of our traditional customers work on construction sites that require Hi-Vis and we can provided them with vests, shirts and other items when they are picking up their construction documents.

Our most popular item right now has been the moisture wicking t-shirts because they are great in these hot summer months.  With fall around the corner we have the same shirt in long sleeve that will probably be popular again soon!  Most customers have us add their logo in black to the shirts but you can buy them blank as well.  Almost all of our business is repeat orders which is great because that must mean that everyone is happy with the apparel they’re receiving.  We would of course love to outfit your team too!

-Matt Bennett | Operations Manager